Heart for Mother Nature

Artisan Francis Oliveira from Brazil has been creating accessories for NOVICA’s Eco-Friendly Collection for the past six years.  Her crafts stay true to the “eco-friendly” label, since all her designs are made from recyclable materials such as newspapers, magazines, fabrics and seals of cans and bottles.  We got a little insight into her passion for environmental preservation and how she’s used her craft to help others. 

What inspires you to make accessories out of recycled materials?

Nature and my children inspire me. I have indigenous roots, and to me the earth is like a great mother we should love and respect. I also care about leaving a better planet for my children and grandchildren. Though it’s been said that “one swallow doesn’t make a summer,” I still try my best to do my part to contribute to improving our planet.  The important thing is to realize that the earth is a part of all of us.

Where do you find your materials for your crafts?

I use newspapers and old magazines… another source is from associations of recyclable PET bottles and cans.  The scraps of fabric I gather from the rejected pieces from clothing factories.

How has working with NOVICA supported your craft?

It has given me new ways and possibilities to show my work to an infinitely larger number of people, making it possible for me to expand my production and make a living through my artisan work.

We heard you are also using your craft as a way to help others in needy communities.  How have you been doing so?

I participate in workshops for women with cocaine addictions.  I teach them my craft as a way to help them reintegrate into society, to learn about respect for the environment and also to generate income and help them break free from the addiction.

How do you hope your craft will make an impact?

I hope the people who buy my accessories realize they’re not just wearing a simple piece of jewelry, but that by buying a recycled piece, they are also contributing to better the environment and supporting the growth of a small artisan. 

Any words of wisdom for others pursuing a career or working towards a dream?

I would say you must have perseverance and do what you love. When you do something with love, it gives you more joy and determination to face the long road to success. 

If you also want to make an effort to be more environmentally conscious, purchase recycled and eco-friendly products and accessories like the ones from Francis’ unique collection.

Do you also have a passion for environmental preservation like Francis does?  What are simple habits you’ve adopted to take care of the earth?  

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